Povestiri scrise de elevii Aletheea – partea a III-a

Încheiem astăzi seria povestirilor scrise de elevii grupei de engleză avansat – mai jos puteți citi povestirile scrise de Maria Dafina, Ioana Lizac și Luca Berescu.  Dacă doriți să recitiți primele 6 povestiri, o puteți face aici și aici. Lectură plăcută!


Harry Potter and the mystery of the missing objects and lost treasure

by Maria Dafina (7th grade)


One rainy autumn day of Harry’s second year at Hogwarts, The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, some very strange events took place. Teachers and students from the entire school complained that different personal objects were missing. Harry Potter, hearing this, couldn’t help investigating a little, so he took his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger and went to ask different people what were their missing objects and if they’ve noticed something strange.

First they went to ask the Weasley twins, Fred and George, Ron’s brothers, what happened. They told them that they lacked some objects for their jokes’ shop and that at the place where they last saw them they found a green and silver piece of material.

After that, the three friends also went to ask for the opinion of those from the Gryffindor’s Quidditch team. Angelina Johnson said that she lacked her Quidditch robe, Alicia Spinnet her broom, Katie Bell couldn’t find her Transfiguration book and Oliver Wood lacked his Bludgers for training. They all found after the training fresh traces of mud in the locker rooms.

Intrigued by what they found out, Harry, Ron and Hermione also went to ask some of the Hufflepuffs about what happened. Justin Finch-Fletchley couldn’t find his Herbology book, Susan Bones lacked her potions cauldron and Cedric Diggory couldn’t find his care set for brooms.

With Ravenclaws the same story. Cho Chang was complaining that she couldn’t find her magic wand, Luna Lovegood has lost her copy of The Prophet of the Day (nothing strange or unusual for Luna) and Terry Boot lacked his Astronomy telescope. They’ve all noticed a badge with a snake on it in their rooms.

Later, in the afternoon of the same day, Harry, Ron and Hermione met Ron’s sister, Ginny Weasley and Neville Longbottom. Ginny had lost her potions book and Neville couldn’t find his homework for The Defense against Dark Arts. Ginny had noticed a broken jar of bat wings in her bedroom and Neville some traces going to the dungeons.

Finishing their interrogation of students, the trio decided to go to the teachers. Professor McGonagall had misplaced her spectacles, Professor Dumbledore his peacock writing quill, Professor Sprout a pot with Venomus Tentacula and Hagrid a brass kettle. Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall found their office doors opened and Hagrid and Professor Sprout discovered the vegetables trampled and blond hairs on the ground.

Harry, Ron and Hermione realized something strange. Those to whom things have been stolen were students and teachers from all houses, except for  Slytherin. Was this not a dubious fact? Why had the thief stolen from all except the Slytherins? Was the guilty person not a Slytherin himself? What person from the Slytherins hated those from the other houses and he would never dare to steal from the Snape?

And at that moment Harry knew it. The one who had stolen the objects was no one else but Draco Malfoy. Harry shared his theory with the other two and together they came up with a plan to expose Draco. First of all they put together the clues. The green and silver piece of material, the mud traces, the badge with a snake on it, the broken jar with bat wings in it, the traces going to the basements and the blond hairs. All proofs led to Draco Malfoy.

So after dark, Harry, Ron and Hermione left earlier from dinner and waited for Draco in the Entrance Hall. When he came out of the Great Hall they followed him into the Slytherins’ Common Room where they found all the stolen objects. Harry and Ron trapped Draco and Hermione went to call the teachers. They were very upset for Draco’s deed and as punishment they gave him detention hours for a month and the Slytherins lost 250 points. Harry, Ron and Herminone received a prize for Special Services to their school.

But soon after Draco’s act, another mystery appeared at Hogwarts. In a sunny autumn afternoon, after finishing classes, Harry Potter met Nearly Headless Nick , the ghost of the Gryffindor house. He told Harry that he heard a legend saying that before Godric Gryffindor died, he buried all his treasure somewhere inside Hogwarts and that only a true Gryfindor could find it.

Hearing this, Harry went to call Ron and Hermione to tell them what he has just heard. They were as delighted as him and they started immediately to search for the treasure. Hermione remembered that she had read in a book about that treasure and that only someone who had the Gryffindor sword could find it. So they went into Dumbledore’s office,  as he was away, and took the sword. As they came out in the corridor, the sword started to shine and led the three friends to a stone wall. They broke the wall with the sword and behind it they saw a pile of gold Galleons and rubies red like fire. They decided that they had to show the treasure to Professor Dumbledore. He was a little disappointed that they had entered in his office and taken the sword and told them that the treasure will be used for the school’s benefit, but they will receive, each of them, one hundred points for the House of Gryffindor.


What could be

by Ioana Lizac (6th grade)


What could be under a magnifying glass?

Let’s try to imagine… some particles? Some little bugs? It could be anything! But did you ever imagine that under that magnifying glass there could be a whole universe? I think not! Maybe this story will make you think more about this subject!

In a small neighborhood from London there lived an old lady. She was staying in an apartment with her dog, Feather. Her name was Lisa Avalon. She had daily activities same as other people, for example: walking the dog, going to buy food and so on. She was always alone, without friends. Her husband had left her when he moved to Africa to help children and he didn’t know how much he would stay. Now he lives in Spain with his new wife and his children. After all this, Lisa didn’t marry again. She was very sad after all and now she isn’t that sociable. Anyway, these things happen often and we have to accept them.

One day, Lisa wanted to read a book but she couldn’t find her glasses. She really didn’t know where they were and what she had done with them, so she decided that she could read with her old magnifying glass, even if it was harder. So she started reading, but she thought that she had to find her glasses too and she put the book aside.

While she was searching, Feather started to bark.

“What’s wrong, Feather? Are you hungry?” asked Lisa.

The dog barked even louder.

“Ok, I will give you some meat,” said the lady.

Feather was a little bit agitated, but why? When Miss Avalon brought the meat, Feather didn’t eat and headed to her bedroom.

“I don’t know what is wrong with you, Feather, you have food and you slept a lot. I already took a walk with you an hour ago! One walk daily!”

The dog fell asleep and Lisa continued to search for her glasses.

Suddenly, a voice said:

“Hey, you!”.

Miss Avalon looked around the room but could see nothing.

“Who are you? Come out!” said Miss Avalon.

“We are already out! You destroyed our entire world!”

The lady thought she was getting too old and starting to hear things, so she ignored the voices.

“You must save us! We have a family, a job, a whole life!”

Lisa looked at the magnifying glass where the voice came from

“Is the magnifying glass talking?!”

“No, miss! We are staying under the magnifying glass! We are the dust families and the flea families!” said the little things under the  glass.

“I’m not dreaming…the dust and the fleas can talk?!” She walked near to the magnifying glass and tried to look at the little life forms. “You have to help us! You are the only one who can do this!”.

“Good, but first, who are you?”

“We already told you! We are the flea families and the dust families. We came here a year ago. Your dog brought the flea family and the dust families just formed there like any other life forms!” explained a piece of dust.

“Ok, I understood, but how can I help you? I didn’t even know you can talk!!” yelled the lady.

“Calm down, its’ not that hard”, said a flea.

“You moved the old magnifying glass, but that was our world, our house. If you are asking yourself how we live here, I will tell you this too. This magnifying glass is very old, so we had time to make a whole world!” said another piece of dust.

“Ok, so, you didn’t answer my question: with what can I help you?” said a finally calm Lisa.

“Put the magnifying glass back, so we can go to our families and our houses again! We just need some new furniture…”.

“What kind of furniture? You are minuscule things! Oh, wait! I have a sewing kit…that would help you”.

“Ok, bring that cooking kit or whatever!” said an angry piece of dust.

Miss Avalon went in her bedroom and searched for her sewing kit.

“Yes, I found it!I brought it! Look I ha…” but she was interrupted by a flea:

“No, keep that horrible thing far away from us! Aaa, she will hurt us!”.

“What is wrong with this sewing kit?!”

“Is that a spike?!” screamed another flea.

“No, it’s a needle, but yes…you must be scared…this is like a monster for you, little things, am I right?”

“Ok, I don’t care what it is, just take it away from us!” said very scared dust piece.

“Ok, I also have here some thread, some bobby pins…hmm…some wool, this would be pretty good…”.

Lisa started to rearrange their old home. She did carpets, shelves, desks, chairs, beds and so on.

When they finished, all was changed and very cozy.

“Oh, Flea Goddess! Look at this luxury home! Flea and Dust Gods bless you!” said a mother flea.

“It is my pleasure…to do…houses…for fleas and dusts?!  Anyway, I hope you will live happily in your new house, under a magnifying glass!” burbled the lady.

After all this adventure, the dust and fleas had to leave and start living under their magnifying glass.

“Thank you for all you did! Our house is pure luxury now!” said a flea.

“You are a wonderful lady and you have to be proud of yourself!” said a dust.

“Thank you for all your compliments! Bye! Have a wonderful life!” Lisa started to shed tears, but they were tears of happiness…

After her big adventure, Miss Avalon went to sleep, near Feather. But when she looked in the mirror, she noticed that she had her glasses on her head all this time. She started laughing.

“That’s why you barked, Feather!” and she continued laughing. Feather cuddled near Lisa and she felt asleep.

Now, that you know what can be under a magnifying glass…check the magnifying glasses from your house…but be careful! You could destroy a whole flea, dust world!

And if you are asking what happened to Lisa Avalon, well … after a long, long time she went to Heaven. But she was very, very old. It’s natural.

Feather was adopted by a family with two kids who were playing happily with him. And … they lived in her apartment…probably with the fleas and dust that were living there all this time…and this is the Universe and the story that can be just under a magnifying glass…


To be Continued

By Luca Berescu (7th grade)


Johnny and his parents were going on a vacation to the beach.

When they were on the highway the car broke down.

Johnny’s Dad didn’t know what was wrong with the car.

He even took a magnifying glass to look closer at the engine, but he couldn’t find anything wrong.

30mins later his dad was still working on the car and,his mother was making signs that they needed help, when a car pulled over…

The driver got out and said:

“Hello sir, I see you have problems with your car.”

“Yes I do,” said Johnny’s Dad, “I don’t think the car will work – a professional has to fix it.”

“I can drop you off in the nearest town if you want?” said the man.

“Yes! Thank you so much.” said Johnny’s dad.

As the family got in the car Johnny sensed a weird smell.

“It stinks in here,” whispered Johnny to his mom.

“Don’t be rude! These people are giving us help! Show some respect!”

“Ok mom.”

A few hours later they went past a sign saying: ‘SunnyTown 5Km straight ahead’.

As they got past the sign the driver turned the car onto a secondary road.

“Where are we going…?” whispered Johnny’s mom.

“I don’t know,” said Dad.

“Umm… excuse me? I think you went on the wrong road.”

No response from the driver.

They went into a forest.

15 minutes later dad asked:

“Hey didn’t you hear me? I think you turned on the wrong road!”

Still no response.

As they got deeper in the forest Dad said angrily:

“STOP!!!  I want you to answer me now!”

The car stopped…

Weird sounds and growling came from the front seat.

The family watched in terror as the driver turned his head, he was no longer a normal 30 year old man, he had a lizard-like snout and eyes ,dark green skin, yellow teeth and white disheveled hair.

The lizard said:

“You three look good to ea-“

They heard a gun shot as the drivers head exploded, they were full of  green blood, another gun shot was covered by a terrible scream…the front seat passenger was dead.

As the family got out of the car in terror they noticed the shooter, a man wielding a Remington 700.

“Follow me!” He said as he disappeared behind the hill.


To be continued….